Service or Assistance Dog

They are a unique kind of working dog trained to assist an individual that is disabled complete work or tasks that are related directly to their disability. The ADA Act defines a Service Dog as any dog is trained individually to perform tasks for the good of an individual with a disability which includes sensory, physical, intellectual, psychiatric or other disabilities that are mental. Animal of other species, whether domestic or wild, untrained or trained, for the purpose of this definition, are not service animals. The tasks carried out by a service animal must be honestly linked to individual with disabilities. Example of task include helping people who have low vision with direction-finding or are unable to see and other tasks, the deaf or hard of hearing individuals are alerted to the presence of people or sounds, pulling a wheelchair, offering non-violent protection or rescue work, helping someone during seizure, retrieving items such as telephone or medicine, alerting individuals to the presence of allergens, offering assistance and physical support with stability and balance to person with mobility disabilities, and assisting individuals with neurological and psychiatric disabilities by avoiding or interrupting impulsive or destructive behaviors.

Emotional Support

Emotional Support Animals are a type of working dog that is very important which offers comfort and calming influence to their owner. They are allowed to fly in-cabin because they are covered under the Fair Housing Act and they are not Service Dog.

Therapy Dogs

Therapy Dogs are trained dogs to use to comfort and help other than their owners. The people they comfort or help may be disabled or not. They can also lift spirits, teach and assist with emotional and physical rehabilitation and more. Other examples of dogs that are not registered are Comfort Animals, Companion Animals, Military Working Dogs, Forensic Dogs, and Police Dogs, Search and Rescue Dogs and others.

Other Service

Other examples dogs that may not be registered are Companion Animals, Comfort Animals, Police Dogs, Military Working Dogs, Search and Rescue Dogs, Forensic Dogs and others.

United States Service Dog Registry